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Spiced Curves

Oak Furnitureland

19 Jul 2019

Arching their way across furniture and accessories and even making a bullseye for our walls, if it’s round it’s hot in this Spiced Curve trend from Oak Furnitureland.

Cocooning curves and circular designs are creating more than a ripple in interiors right now. To turn up the heat on the comfort factor, Oak Furnitureland has linked curves with another top interiors colour story, rich spices, which adds depth to the Summer’s earthy terracotta tones. Influenced by Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2019, Spiced Honey, it’s plundered a souk-inspired palette to give the contours of this scheme optimistic hits of paprika, saffron and turmeric.

Together, this blend of warming shade and voluptuous shapes provides just the kind of cosiness our homes are looking for this Autumn/Winter.


If you prefer a darker palette, try layering a backdrop of deep, rich burgundy to this scheme - its warm red undertones will work wonderfully with lighter calamines and terracottas. 

The golden oak on the Bevel king size bed and the honey hues of the Hercules bedside table take the temperature up a notch or two in the bedroom.

The Evie footstool complements the linens and the coral and rose tones on the walls while the Novaro lamp and wall mirror in rustic oak ensure the room continues to revolve around a circular theme.


By Joanna Thornhill, Interior Stylist and Author

“If you’re after additional storage for your bedroom and want an alternative to a more traditional blanket box, a storage footstool can make a comfy addition to your scheme.”

The smooth curves and solid oak grain of Oak Furnitureland’s  Pedestal round dining table and Loop dining chairs are the central feature in this room and bring softness to the space. From a practical point of view, the pedestal base gives you flexibility in how you arrange the seating which is great in a more compact space.

When you’re ready to clear the table you can store crockery and glassware in the solid oak Hercules display cabinet which is finished in a rustic wax to emphasise the beautiful grain. 



By Joanna Thornhill, Interior Stylist and Author

“Low bookcases and units like this Bevel small bookcase or Hercules TV cabinet can be a great way to sneak in extra storage next to any half-height or partition walls where a tall piece might feel cumbersome.”


With a mid-century feel, furniture edges in this trend are tapered or rounded and upholstery is generously padded for a sink-in look. The Evie corner sofa envelopes with its generous seat while lamps, vases and other accessories all showcase equally curvaceous silhouettes. 



Comfort: Oak Furnitureland believes that style should never compromise comfort. Its sofa and chair cushions are filled with the best quality foam and fibre. Fibre gives sink in luxury for back cushions, while foam gives comfort and support in the seat cushions, keeping them in good shape at the same time. Heavy gauge serpentine springs give support to all the cushions.

Fabrics: Oak Furnitureland understands how hard sofas work in the home, so the fabrics are chosen for quality as well as texture and design. The velvet on the accent chairs is soft and resilient. 

100% leather: All Oak Furnitureland’s leather ranges are upholstered in 100% leather, all over. 
Sofa construction: Oak Furnitureland wants its sofas and chairs to last. They’re designed with hardwood in the frame, and the joints are screwed and glued to help prevent creaks and squeaks. The sofas have web or spring support for the cushions too. All this works together to make a strong base for the cushions.

If you've got it, haunt it! Halloween & Bonfire Ni...

Red Candy

19 Jul 2019

Hey there boo-tiful!
Yes, that’s right, get to your pumpkin patches and pull out your cardis, Halloween & Bonfire Night will be here before you know it!
We’ve got loads of brilliant items that you’re sure to go batty for and they’re perfect for trick or treatin yo’self!
Whether you’re looking to fill up your pages with frightening fantasticness, just here for the boos, or you’re wanting to remember, remember the 5th of November, we’ve got the spookiest and the kookiest! As always, if anything JUMPS OUT at you, just give me a scream!
Something wicked this way comes…

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Oak Furnitureland

18 Jul 2019

A fusion of Scandinavian clean lines and Japanese artisanal minimalism sees East meets West in this striking Scandinese trend from Oak Furnitureland.

Japan and Scandinavia are superpowers when it comes to style and, while miles apart geographically, their aesthetics share a close connection that’s influenced by sleek silhouettes and authentic materials. Co-existing with a mutual respect, the Scandinese trend from Oak Furnitureland is a serene union that brings the best of both worlds to your home. 

While monochrome is the key this pared-back palette, the Coco accent chair is upholstered in a tactile teal velvet which brings a harmonious pop of peacock blue to the living room scheme. 

The high back, gentle curve on the arms, generous seat and deeply padded headrest feel substantial and inviting while the striking cross base suspends the chair to lend it lightness. 

The same dark metal accents on the chair are picked up by the Brooklyn bookcase and other accessories to promote a seamless sense of space which flows effortlessly around the furniture and through the room.




By Joanna Thornhill, Interior Stylist and Author

“If you don’t want to hide a beautiful tabletop with linens, place two or three fabric placemats side by side down its centre for a runner effect that creates a focal point without hiding too much wood.”


Zen and hygge live in perfect harmony in this bedroom. Classic Scandi shades in a grey palette calm and cocoon to set the mood. The minimalism that influences this trend is echoed in the furniture’s clean lines. 

Sarah Boyle, Product and Commercial Director at Oak Furnitureland, says: “Suspended on a sleek dark metal frame, the bed’s solid oak headboard and platform are finished in a wax which emphasises the unique grain pattern and brings a brightness to the room that contrasts beautifully with the midnight blue and slate coloured bedding.”

Further shafts of light shine from the Hove bedside table and Hove TV unit. The collection’s retro style feels fresh and its curved corners and recessed handles are in keeping with simple Scandinese design principles.


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